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How to conquer weight loss during the long weekend

You are in the middle of summer and your health goals are not going as planned.  Your weekend barbecues got the best of you and the patio drinks were just too tempting to resist? The August long weekend marks the half way point for summer - its time to make a U TURN...

4 STEP Summer Bean Salad

The summer is a time of barbeques, a few more social drinks, and salads.  Salads, for the most part, can be a healthy option, however never just assume because it's green it's lean...get to know your salads, and make sure they fit into your nutrition requirements....

Ways support can influence your health and weight loss goals

Most of us try to accomplish our health goals on our own.  Maybe this is because the practice of health should be common sense, and we are embarrassed to ask for a helping hand, or maybe it's because if others are aware, it may shine a spotlight on you!  The truth of...

4th Annual MCC Olympics

The summer is here and the MCC Olympics are on their way. This popular event is not to be missed.  This is a FREE event with a donation (see below to MCC Olympics 2018 donation).  Here are the facts Open to all ACTIVE MCC MEMBERS Sign up in the month of July - and do...

Mexican Night – KETO quesadillas

With our MCC PUSH to Summer in full gear - many members are exploring lower carbohydrate meal choices.  The other night, as I was making traditional quesadillas for my family, I was not feeling like eating the toppings on a salad - which is what I typically do -...

What’s New in the MCC STUDIO…a big line up for June

With everyone trying to get summer body ready, the fitness classes are buzzing.  We want to ensure that all our members keep their momentum in order to achieve their best body.  For the month of June, we have jazzed up our studio space with more equipment and...

One Year Later Club

I have heard it so many times, a patient will tell me that they were successful on a specific program, but than got off it and gained it all back.  Not sure if it is fair to say this was successful, part of the success of a weight loss program is achieving a desired...


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