So this is the month of KETO exploration, we are always looking for the perfect meal that will tie us over, while the rest of the family is comforting with carbs.  Recently I have been doing some research for the perfect low carb breakfast items that would not only pair nicely with my cup of coffee but would take no time to cook!

I think I have found it.  It started as I was making french toast for my little ones, I left the skillet on and thought…is there something that I could throw on the grill that would resemble a carb?

Simple – I mixed one egg with 3 tbsp of cottage cheese and 1 tbsp of psyllium fibre.  At first the mix looked water, but I gave a minute for the fibre to settle and soon enough the mix was thick.  I made sure the skillet was greased with some grass fed butter and was able to dollup two pancakes from this mix.  Cooked just like a regular pancake and enjoyed with my coffee and a spread of peanut butter.

What a great start to the day, warm, hot, no carb high fibre pancakes….these have become my staple!

NUTRITIONAL FACTS for the whole batter – nothing added! Carbohydrates 14G (but all fibre – so it nets to 0) 18G Protein + 7G Fat – still room to add peanut butter and cook in a little butter.