I have a love hate relationship with veggies!  I love the taste, I love the nutrition they provide me with – but there are times I get sick of them, and their prep is sometimes annoying!  Grilled veggies are my best veggie go to!  They fill me up, are so versatile to eat and if I am lazy, I can cheat the system!

Fill me up

A plain salad sometimes just doesn’t cut it, grilled veggies hold a firm texture and depending on the grill time can be crunchy and chewy.  The veggies also hold so much flavour from whatever spices, herbs and oils you mix with them.  These elements make grilled veggies satisfying to your taste buds and ultimately the fibre makes your tummy happy too!


Grilled veggies can be added to ANYTHING!  Grilled veggies store well and can be used for a few days – spice up a boring salad, replace the bun of burger (see below), chop and mix with eggs for an omelette, filled a sandwich or wrap.

Cheat the system

Sometimes I will buy whole veggies, cut them up and grill them on the BBQ and dress them up and serve!  These are my “superwomen” days and there are not too many of them.  So at times I do cheat the system…buy pre cut veggies, grilled in bulk and freeze, then the day of, take out and thaw, use jarred grilled veggies or buy them pre grilled at a super market (time is money people so this does cost $$).

It’s not so hard if you want to master grilling weather inside on a cast iron grill or on the BBQ, it isn’t that difficult.  Simply cut your selected veggies into similar sized pieces (too thin will burn and too fat won’t cook) –  On a pre heated grill, place the veggies slightly tilted to the right – cook for a few minutes and then rotate them still facing down to the left, and cook for another few minutes.  Turn all the pieces again slightly tilted to the left than right!  Once they are cooked to your liking, place in a bowl.  I then toss them with olive oil, fresh chopped garlic, fresh parsley and sea salt!  That’s it!

I do leave peppers whole and let them roast on the grill, rotating every few minutes until the outer layer is burnt.  I then peel the skin off (under cold water so I don’t burn my hands) and then toss with the other grilled veggies.