Plan of Attack: Set your phone timer for 8 minutes – no taking texts or calls during the workout though!!  Warm up with a set of 10 floor lat pulldowns, 10 alternating shoulder tap push ups and 10 single leg glute bridges (per side).  Hit START on your timer and begin with the first exercise and perform as many perfect reps as you can in 1 minute.  Go through all 8 of these hard-hitting bodyweight exercises and perform each for a minute! No boredom, no BS, just straight to the point calorie blasting!  You’ll train your whole body in just 10 minutes, but trust me… it’s HARDER than it sounds!

Here’s your list –

1.  Pendulum Lunge

2.  Lateral Walking Plank (add a bonus push up if you like!)

3.  Lunge-Knee Driver-Squat (30 seconds per side)

4.  Plank with Alternating Leg Raise

5.  Sumo Walk or Cross Body Mountain Climbers

6.  Renegade Row (feel free to add dumbbells if you have them at home)

7.  Sidewinder

8.  Prisoner Squat (or your favourite squat)

Here are a few refreshers for these actions – if you need modifications, please email your trainers!!

 1.  Pendulum lunge (30 seconds per side)

2.  Lateral walking plank

3.  Lunge-knee driver-squat (30 seconds per side)

4.  Plank with alternate leg raise

5.  Sumo walk (or cross body mt climbers)

6.  Renegade row (alternating arms or 30 sec per side)

7.  Sidewinder (alternating sides)

8.  Prisoner squat (or your fave lower body drill!)


Listen to your heart rate through the workout and take breaks if needed (10 seconds between exercises or 30 seconds every 3 min as examples).  If you have the time and are up for the bonus, go for a second round!   Whether you go for the single-set blast today and save the double-up for next time, you’ve got a wicked workout in your back pocket that can be done in under 20 minutes… 18 to be exact.  You’re welcome!!