You CAN find time to exercise!

As part of the Fat Attack Program, you will be doing 10 minutes of exercise daily. To keep things interesting, we have designed 6 different workouts to follow! Each workout is broken down to give you level 1, 2 and level 3 options to challenge you based on your level of fitness and experience. 5 of the 6 of the workouts require no equipment at all! With these workouts, it’s easy to fit in daily exercise, because 10 minutes is all you need. Before starting this or any other exercise program, be sure you check with your health care provider.

Here are the workouts:

1. Full-Body and Cardio Meltdown
2. Core Attack Ladder
3. Upper-body Annihilator
4. Lower-body Annihilator
5. Full-body “On-the-Ball”
6. The Incinerator

Each workout explains “WHAT” you need to do and “HOW” you need to do it! You can alternate upper and lower-body focused workouts or full body workouts with a day with brisk walking and jogging intervals. These are some awesome workouts!! Have fun with them and reap the rewards!

Why these workouts are so great:
• Each exercise has been chosen because it works the major muscle groups in a super-efficient way
• You can complete 5 of the 6 workouts at home without equipment.
• Each exercise has built-in modifications to make it work for all levels of fitness and experience. It’s quick, simple, but effective!

This is going to be the most wisely spent 10 minutes of your day… and could very well be the best 10 minutes too!

Let’s Get Started!
Don’t forget to warm up with a few minutes of dynamic whole body exercise that will slowly increase your heart rate and prepare your joints for the training to follow. Take a minute or two at the end of the session to stretch out the muscles that worked so hard!


WHAT:  This workout hits your major muscles with big actions that pay off big-time!  We get back-to-basics with whole body exercises that have stood the test of time.  There’s some counting required, but you only have to remember one number – 50!

HOW:  It’s simple:  50 Jumping jacks, 50 mountain climbers, max push ups, 50 butt kicks (alternating legs, 25 reps per leg) 50 side lunges (25 each side, not alternating legs), 25 squats, 50 side planks (15 side plank lifts, 10 side plank rotations on each side = 50 reps!), maximum plank…. Might be 50 seconds, might be 30, might be 90 seconds!  Push your limits with your best

Level 1:  This isn’t a level one workout by design, but we can tailor this so those of us just getting going can get in on the fun.  Simply reduce the number to 10, 15 or 25 reps of each exercise to challenge you at your current fitness level.  Remember, quality is much much more important than quantity!

Levels 2 and 3 (and higher):  Set your timer to test how long it takes you to complete this workout!  You know you have to select challenging variations of the above listed exercises – that's a given.  Just in case you’re in doubt, here are some options:


Exercise Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Jumping Jacks No-impact Jack Jumping Jacks Squat Jacks
Mountain Climbers Walking climbers Mountain Climbers Jumping climbers
Max Push ups Knee – based Hybrid push ups Full or elevated push ups
Squats Best depth squat Chair squat, increasing tempo Squat jumps
Side Plank lifts and rotations Side plank5- 10 reps of Side plank lift and rotations from knees Side plank lift and rotations with one leg bent and the other straight Side plank lift and rotation with straight legs or one leg only!
Plank Knee and forearm based plank Straight arm and knee based plank Forearm or straight arm plank from toes.  Up the ante again: try elevating the feet on the couch or stairs or using one foot only


Check back soon for the addition of a video clip of each exercise with all modifications demonstrated for you!  

Stay tuned for the next Fat Attack 10 Minute Workout:  THE CORE ATTACK LADDER!  Throughout the month of September all 6 workouts will be posted here on the blog for you to try out!  Post your questions and feedback and each post is your entry toward a FREE Personal Training Session at MCC!