Here we go!  It’s Day 1!  If you’re here, you’re ready.  Before I give you your simple activity challenge today – and I do mean simple, I want to share some insight on how to start off on the right track for success over the next 21 Days!

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all started an exercise program at some point in our lives, agreed? Most of us been there time and time again and never stick with it.  Why??

Fact of Life:  We are busy people, often pulled in 5 directions at once.  We have family, work and personal responsibilities that are important.  Who wouldn’t wish for a few more hours in the day to get things done?  This is not a unique predicament, but what makes exercise a part of one person’s day when another person (who is just as busy) never misses a workout?

It’s not that the person who exercises regularly has time to spare or puts more value on his or her health.  What he or she has that you may not is this:

An established habit of exercise!

So, we’re back to the question at hand.  How do you make exercise a habit?  How can you stick to it?  Over the course of the next 21 days, we’re going to uncover dozens of real-life strategies of people who make exercise a part of their day – every day – and are feeling great.

Habit–building Fact: The more consistent the behaviour, the more likely it is to be a habit.  Most of us say that we’re going to commit to exercise 2, 3 or 4 times a week for 30-60 minutes.  It’s great to aim high, but there are so many other things that pop up in our lives that get in the way and derail our good intentions.  It’s often just too hard to find the time… so out the window goes your consistency that is so important to making a lasting change.  Boom – you’re back to square one… again.

Habit-building Solution:  Rather than trying to commit to an hour of exercise, 3 times a week… think “less time, more often”.  Aim for 10 minutes a day.  A small daily commitment at the outset is more likely to become automatic and much easier, rather than a constant struggle.  Here’s where we’re all starting today – with 10 minutes, a calendar and a magic marker to ‘X’ off every day.  Post it somewhere you’ll see it.  Mine is on my fridge!


Your 10 minutes of exercise today is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other!  Start off with a walk.  Yikes, before we know it the summer weather will be but a distant memory!  Can you believe it’s Labour Day??  A walk is one of the easiest ways to be active every day since you’ll have to walk at some point each day anyway!!

Easy ways to mark your ‘X’ with a walk:

  • Hop out of bed and enjoy the peace and quiet of a morning walk before you shower.  In the time it takes to brew your coffee, you’ll be ready to mark off your first ‘X’!
  • If you’re entertaining this Labour Day, take the group out for an after dinner walk – everyone will feel better for it!
  • During the week, walk on your lunch break or for 10 minutes before commuting home.
  • Walk with the kids to the park or head out alone after they’re in bed.
  •  Instead of chatting with other parents while you’re kids are at their lessons or practices, head out for a walk.  It’s a ‘very important errand you just HAVE to get done.’  No questions asked!

DONE.  When times are hectic, and we all know September is a hectic month for a lot of us, you can always find time to walk.   So that’s it everyone… lace up your shoes and it’s as simple as that.  Mark off your X and don’t forget to post about your own Day 1!   Your insights, comments, picture-posts, and anything else you want to share is going to win you points toward the PRIZE of me DOUBLING your exercise credits next month!  If you’re new to MCC exercise, you’re still eligible to win!

Ok… it’s time for me to wake up my husband from his well-deserved sleep-in and tell him we’re walking to Starbucks for our morning tea!