It’ll get your core, your legs and your upper body and it goes without saying (but I will anyway…) that your heart rate will get up!  This little 3-part blast workout will give you a great elevation in your metabolic rate when you really push it!  I want you to work to your FULL CAPACITY everyone – this shouldn’t feel easy!!   It’s looks like this: 

1.  20 walking lunges (or reverse lunges if you don’t have space) then 30 mountain climbers followed immediately with 30-60 seconds in a plank. Repeat without rest!  Take as little rest as possible between sets and before moving on to Part 2…

2.  50 squats (BEST DEPTH AND AS FAST AS POSSIBLE) x 2 sets. Take a rest period before doing the second set, but NOT LONGER than it took you to do the first 50 reps!  Same deal for the rest period you can take before moving on to part 3…

3.  30 times “Running with high knees” (right knee up then left knee up = 1 rep).  Drop into push up position and and complete 10 reps.  Repeat.  Done!

Remember, I said I wanted you to work to your FULL CAPACITY!!!  Take these words of advice in order to dig deep and really go for it…

When theres nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire   quote

It’ll be G-R-E-A-T!!

When you’re done, allow your heart rate to come down slowly by walking around the room versus stopping abruptly when you’re finished.  Complete the session with a quad and pec stretch (as a minimum) but you know it’d be great to add one for each of the tight spots you know you have!

Post your time to complete the workout, modifications you made or what you liked about it!  Enjoy!!