What’s a workout challenge without a wicked core blast?!  Welcome to your Day 18 Challenge!! 


The moves in this workout target your core, but you’ll feel your heart rate climb and your whole body working!  Hello, calorie burn!  Complete the exercises in a circuit, moving quickly from one exercise to the next.

The easy part:  You only have to remember two numbers, 10 and 45. For strength actions, complete 10 reps and for cardio bursts, you’re going for 45 seconds.  Remember to make modifications to the moves a as needed based on your body and fitness level.  You know I’m here to help, so if you need it please ask me!

The Format:  Complete this workout as a circuit of 10 exercises once as a super-fast workout.  Take as little rest as possible between exercises.  Do the circuit up to 3 times for a cardio challenge, a great blast for your core and a way to strengthen your whole body.  Enjoy!

Here’s what to do…  aka “The Challenge”

  1. Squats:  10 reps
  • keep your chest up, core engaged and weight back in your heels. Go down as far as you feel comfortable.  Without resting, move on to exercise 2…

2.  Squat jumps: 45 seconds (not pictured)

  • Each rep should flow into the next – the landing for one becomes the prep for the next one!  Stay light on your feet and be as springy as you can!
  • For a non-impact version, touch the floor as you finish the descent phase and then raise your arms overhead as you come up

3.  Triceps Push ups (10 reps)

  • Place hands shoulder width apart and keep upper arms skimming the torso as you move through each rep.  You can do these from knees or toes, depending on your strength.

4.  Side Plank dips (45 seconds per side) – pictured as the side plank

  • Based from your forearm, align your elbow directly under your shoulder.  Focus on elevating your top hip with each raise, and maintain your hips stacked on each other as you dip toward the floor.  The picture shows the start positions for Levels 1 and 2 – add the dips!  (too hard to see on camera!)

5.  Bridge (45 seconds)

  • Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips to create a straight line from your knees-through hips-to shoulders.  For more challenge, lift up one leg for the first half and switch for the second half.

6.  Knee tucks (10 per side)

  • Start in a side plank position (forearm-based or fully extended arm) with navel pulled in to your spine.  Exhale as you bring your knee into your chest and your elbow towards your knee.  Switch sides.

7.  Lunges (10 per side, twice!  Yup, without rest you are completing a second set!!)

  • The distance between your feet enables both knees to bend to 90-degrees (if comfortable).  Maintain your core engagement and a vertical torso position throughout the range of motion.

8.  Lateral hops (45 seconds):

  • Keeping your legs close together, hop both legs out to one side and then the other. For a low- impact option, “walk” your legs side to side instead of hopping. You may also begin with your upper body in an elevated position (such as a sturdy chair, coffee table or stair)

9.  Plank Taps (5-10 each side)

  • While in plank (on forearms and toes), lift one foot off the ground aim to tap your toe out to the side.  Focus on your glutes – use control going out and coming back. ( version pictured)
  • If doing the plank from your forearms and knees, try extending one leg to complete 5-10 taps on one side, then switch.

10.  Mountain climbers (45 seconds):

  • Make sure to use your core to draw one knee into your chest. For a beginner’s option, walk the knee to chest action.  For a higher level challenge, hop the feet forward and back as quickly as possible.

Make sure to warm up and cool down, and as always, check with your health care provider before starting a new exercise program.

Here’s a quick visual of each of the exercises above.  If you have any questions or need clarification, just ask!  Thanks to my husband for letting me photograph him as he went through the workout in our family room! 

Exercises 1 and 2:  Squats and Squat Jumps



Exercise 3:  Triceps Push Ups:

Triceps Push Up - top

Triceps Push up – top

Triceps Push Up - bottom

Triceps Push Up – bottom

Exercise 4:  Side Plank Dips (knees bent or knees extended)

Side plank - knees bent

Side plank – knees bent

Side plank - extended legs

Side plank – extended legs

Exercise 5:  Bridge (both legs bent or one bent/one extended)



Single Leg Bridge

Single Leg Bridge

Exercise 6:  Knee Tucks

Knee tuck - start position

Knee tuck – start position

Knee Tuck - "in"

Knee Tuck – “in”

Knee Tuck - "out"

Knee Tuck – “out”

Exercise 7:  Lunges

Lunge - start

Lunge – start

Lunge - bottom

Lunge – bottom

Exercise 8:  Lateral Hops

Lateral hop - right

Lateral hop – right

Lateral Hop - left

Lateral Hop – left

Exercise 9:  Plank Taps (can be started from knees – just extend one leg for your taps!)

Plank tap - Start

Plank tap – Start

Plank tap - leg action

Plank tap – leg action

Exercise 10:  Mountain Climbers

Mt Climb - start

Mt Climb – start

Mt Climb - knee action

Mt Climb – knee action

It's OVER!!

It’s OVER!!


Thanks again Phil!  I know going through the workout was harder than you thought, and I really hope you wake up feeling your core tomorrow!!  (I know he’ll wake up feeling it… and so should you!!)

To everyone out there:  Focus on your core muscles during EVERY exercise in the workout and make sure to modify to your level of fitness and ability.  If you find the workout either too easy or too difficult, please send me a message so I can tailor make it to your needs!  Have fun!!