We’re at day 2 in our challenge of 21 days of exercise in a row.  When you first think of 21 days in a row, it might seem like a pretty big commitment.  The main point we talked about on day 1 was “starting small” with 10 minutes a day.  I’m not asking for an hour a day here, just 10 minutes.  Some of you may be wondering why I’m not hitting you with a super-intense 10-minute blast workout right out of the gate… which brings me to the main idea I want you to think about on Day 2…


Habit –building fact:  People who exercise daily don’t deplete themselves so much today that there’s nothing left for tomorrow’s workout. It’s also a fact that new exercisers have a tendency to start their new routine going full throttle and then, even if they survive the first 2 days, end up feeling sore, exhausted and finding the first excuse to miss a workout.  Hello, slippery slope… Regular exercisers know that the routine itself is the important thing, and it’s not all about maximum intensity every day.

Even if you’re starting out smaller than you anticipated so far, this will cancel any excuse not to practice daily!  Many people find that “starting small” over the first 2 weeks of daily exercise can give them the energy boost they need and they feel ready at that point to kick it up a notch (READ:  A NOTCH, not 10 notches!!)

Habit-building solution:  Once your body is used to daily exercise, THEN you can start to increase the amount and intensity of your efforts.

DAY 2/21 CHALLENGE – Stretch!

Many of you may be back to work today after the long weekend or your summer holidays and your muscles will likely be putting up a fuss if you’re at your desk all day trying to play catch-up.  This inspired today’s challenge – stretching!  Spend 15-30 seconds feeling a gentle stretch (no pain and no bouncing!) with each of these office-friendly stretches.  If you have stretches that are your favourite or that work best for your tight spots, do those!  It’s a simple way to keep your muscles feeling good and to release some tension before it becomes a bigger issue.  If you’ve been coming to classes, you know what stretches you need to focus on!

This routine appears in the book “Stretching” by Bob and Jean Anderson.  It’s a great reference since it’s broken down by body part and also by activity so the perfect stretch for you is just a page away!

Enjoy your stretch today!  Coming soon, I’ll post some pictures of my top upper and lower body stretches to keep you loose, limber and de-stressed!  Do you stretch regularly?  If so, when? Why? If you don’t, why not?!   Have you ever tried a regular temp or hot yoga class for a good stretch?

Don’t forget to post your comments and share your tips.  Join me for Day 3 and a great core-focused workout!