Just gonna DO IT!Your Day 6 tip is as simple as it gets…

 JUST GET OUT THE DOOR.  Don’t think about having a pre-set workout in mind or an amount of time you’ll be gone – just go.  As soon as you’re out the door, you’ve started your daily exercise.  The easiest thing to do when you walk out the door is to keep on walking!

Here are 4 inspirations once you’ve got your shoes on and the door closed behind you to make your usual walk a lot more interesting – and challenging!

  • Walk, jog, run or do a combo of each to total 1 mile.  Time yourself for a target to reach (and beat) this month.
  • Head over to the track nearby.  Getting there is your warm up. Speed walk, jog, run or sprint 100 metres, recover with a walk for 100 metres.  Repeat 10 times!
  • No track? No problem!  Do the same format but rather than measuring metres, use lampposts. They’re evenly spaced so you can change your speed every 5 posts or so.
  • Put a spin on your “usual” route!  I do this one a lot.  Change your speed according to landmarks to make random interval workout.  Here are a few ways to do it…
  1. pick up the pace every time you turn a corner
  2. Jog or run the distance between 2 stop signs
  3. speed up a bit every time you pass a lamppost and do it for 5 lampposts in a row. Reduce speed the same way
  4. Pick up your pace when you see a red car, and stay at that pace until you see another one

Put in intervals for the time, distance and intensity you feel like!  Not only are you adding some intensity and challenge to a simple walk in your neighbourhood, it’s actually fun to captain your own ship and just wing it without a “plan”.  If you’re a beginning walker or a seasoned vet, a runner-in-training or a marathoner, a workout like this is perfect because you do it at YOUR pace according to YOUR fitness level.

It’s drizzling a bit in my neighbourhood this morning, but I’m going out anyways!  It feels refreshing – especially when there’s some intensity added!  You’ll also feel extra proud of yourself when you log in a walk or run in the rain!  Trust me!!