-John Dryden

We’re a week into our 21-day challenge and it might be about now when you say, “I’ve exercised every day for the last 6 – I’ll take today off!”  First, let me remind you that you’re doing a 21-day challenge and not a 6-day challenge!!  You’re right to deserve a reward for your efforts, but a day off is exactly the opposite of a reward when you’re trying to build a habit of exercise (and complete the 21 days in a row!)

Habit-building Rule #6:  DON’T SKIP A DAY.

There is nothing more important when breaking old habits and forming new ones than consistency.  When our challenge started I said that the more consistent an action is, the more likely it is to be a habit.  A day off when you’re trying to build the exercise habit (or any other for that matter) will only make your habit formation harder.  Skipping days is a slippery slope and you know it.  Allowing yourself to skip a day won’t be the end of the world but if it happens, don’t abandon the whole challenge!  Don’t beat yourself up, just come back tomorrow.

Remember – we’re doing a challenge of about 10 minutes a day – so exercising becomes something you just ‘do’ rather than something that’s a constant struggle.  That’s the great outcome!  No one said breaking old habits was easy, but with consistency you can build a new one.  Think about what a habit is in essence:

  • it’s a recurrent pattern of behaviour
  • it’s acquired through frequent repetition
  • it’s automatic/happens without thinking
  • it’s like an addiction

Wouldn’t it be great if you could describe exercise like that?  That you’re addicted to it, or that it just “is” a part of your day and that skipping a workout would never enter your mind?  That’s what you’re building through this challenge!!  You can be one of “those people” who has time to work out regularly, is in great shape, has reached their weight loss goal, feels great about themselves and is healthy, happy and energized.  You might look at a person like that and wonder how they do it or wish you could be like them.  Well, guess what:  By doing this challenge, you’re well on your way to making exercise a habit.  This is how you turn yourself into “that person”.      

Be strong. Don’t skip today as a reward for completing the last 6.  Remind yourself of the goals you have for yourself and why you should exercise at all.  When you need a helping hand, words of encouragement or kick in the pants, you have your MCC team.  You have Muriel, Laura, Patsy and I along with each of the trainers.  You have your class-mates.  You have people on this blog that maybe you’ve never met.  You are not alone!

Now: let’s get back to business, get our 10 minutes logged in and cross off Day 7 as COMPLETED!  I’ll give you the choice to complete ANY ONE of the workouts I’ve posted on the blog.  Are you kinda new around here?  Are you in for a treat!  We’ve got:

  • The Lose a Dress Size (LADS) upper body workout and…
  • LADS lower body workout (both pf which have video demos to accompany them – a great place to start!    And then we have…
  • Simply the Burn
  • The Lucky Sevens
  • The Double Uppers
  • 25 Rep Roulette
  • The Westoak Trails Cardio Countdown
  • SHRED it Workout 1: Tabata-Inspired Intervals
  • The Best at-home Workout Ever
  • Strength and Cardio Circuit: Meltdown Workout 2
  • The Accumulator…

and even more!!!

Browse the blog, choose a workout, and LOG IN DAY 6 as COMPLETED!!!  Tell me which one you chose and please… share your thoughts and insights on the blog.  I know there are a lot of you reading this, so don’t be shy.  You’ll can help someone else along the way and you’ll find inspirations too!