Start your day with a workout.  If you cringe at the idea of setting your alarm early, remember that for this challenge I’m only asking for 10 minutes.  It just means hitting snooze one less time and I know you can definitely do that, no matter what happened last night!

Reasons why “the morning workout” might be just right for you:

  • Habits are much easier to establish in the morning because obstacles haven’t had the chance to happen yet.  Your exercise won’t get put off when something pops up – you’ll already be done!
  • There are some pretty dependable triggers that happen in the morning that you can use to your habit-building advantage (eg the alarm goes off – you put on gym clothes – you exercise).
  • We all have some sort of morning ritual; coffee-shower-get dressed-eat-check email-out the door.  You can simply add a 10 minute exercise session before the shower part of the routine!

“I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing”.~Marsha Doble

I have to admit that I am absolutely NOT a morning person and never have been, but having a morning exercise habit not only gets my workout out of the way, but it provides me with an energy boost that can last all day.  Depending on the type of workout you do, you can reap the benefits of an elevated metabolic rate all day long – even if you’re stuck behind a desk for the rest of the day!  Now if that’s not a big-time selling point, I don’t know what is!   

Try it today – and let me know how it feels!

This week is the perfect time to see how it feels to start your day with a workout. The temperatures are expected to be cooler and the air will be fresh and clear for a morning bike ride, rollerblade, walk, jog or run.  If your workout time landed during the thunderstorms and lightning when the Day 6 blog was posted, go back and choose a walk-jog-run workout inspiration for today!  If you chose one of the other workout challenges on the blog yesterday and your muscles are a bit sore from trying something new, spend 10 minutes stretching out.

Speaking of NEW… This week starts the brand new 6:30 am classes at MCC!  Daniel will be at the clinic Monday morning at 6:30 and Christine will be there Wednesday morning to take you through what promise to be 2 great workouts to set you up for the day.  What could be easier?  All you have to do is roll out of bed, get dressed and show up for your session – they’ll take care of the rest!

Blog about what you chose to do for your morning challenge!   The morning workout may be a totally new concept to you, but you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  It might just be your key to keeping your exercise habit in the long term!