This February, your trainers were inspired to bring you super-efficient, super-effective exercise strategies in the spirit of Heart Month!  We have 4 different methods of interval training coming your way each week in February so you’re guaranteed to get a great workout with great results, beat boredom, bust through your comfort zone and feel amazing!  We’ve got 4 weeks with 4 different types of interval training components in classes and each trainer is adding his or her own spin – giving you 28 days of brand new challenges!

Tabata timer photo

Week 1 has been all about Tabata Training and the feedback has been amazing.  There are still 3 more days to get in on Week 1’s Tabata-Style Intervals!!  If you’re new to Tabata training, check out the posts The Best At-home Workout Challenge… Ever! and Shed it and Shred it Workout 1: Tabata-Inspired Intervals.  

Join Kelly for class this Saturday and Sunday for 2 more days of brand new Tabata-inspired interval components!

What’s your favourite Tabata-style Workout?  Mine is the Tabata+Iso holds we did on Wednesday!  If you want in on how to do it, leave me a comment in the section below!  I’m happy to share this twist on Tabata that gets the muscles burnin’ in just 2 minutes!

Stay tuned for what’s coming your way in Week 2!