You are now a pro at the diet portion of the challenge. With three weeks done its time to increase your exercises and get the most out of this challenge.

The overall goal of the Paleo challenge is not only weight loss, it is a boost in your metabolic function. Your metabolic rate is influenced by your dietary and exercise habits. The PALEO eating plan provides your body with all the needed fuel to build the best metabolic engine, but it is the exercise that will start the engine and continue to rev it up.


Exercise has a number of benefits such as:

Better Posture
Better Self-Esteem
Weight Control
Stress Reduction
Increases Endorphins (happy hormones)

These are some great ways to increase your exercise when you are away from MCC:
  1. Doing housework: this a great way to get in a good exercise and get the house cleaned.
  2. Go out for a short walk before breakfast, after dinner OR why not both
  3. Park further away at the mall or grocery store.
  4. Do abdominal exercise and core exercise while watching tv.
  5. While at work stand up while on the phone.
  6. Walk to visit co-workers instead of calling or emailing them
  7. Go for a walk downtown, or take the kids to the park.
  8. Get off the bus a few stops earlier and get a little walk in before going home
  9. Visit our YouTube Channel and check out some no equipment exercise demonstrated by our very own MCC Trainer.
  10. Check out some of our past blogs for great daily exercise routines that you can try at home.

 Your turn: What will you do to increase your activity level in these last couple of weeks before the challenge ends?