So, it’s long weekend and we’re in the middle of a gorgeous Sunday morning.  What could be better?!   I know many of you are vacationing this weekend and are enjoying this great weather at the cottage, camping or visiting friends.  I’m bringing you your second workout challenge for August with all that in mind…  This challenge requires NO equipment, takes only a few minutes and is absolutely perfect for doing outdoors!  And…  If you’ve already tried the Lucky Sevens Challenge that I posted earlier this week, you’ll be glad to know there are NO BURPEES in this challenge!!

The Double Uppers Workout Challenge!

This is a simple one – 10 walking lunges and 20 mountain climbers (double the amount of the lunges, hence the name ‘double upper’…) for 10 rounds!  I said simple, but that doesn’t mean easy.  Here’s how it looks:

10 walking lunges – 10 total or 10 per leg… base this on your current level of fitness and expereince

20 mountain climbers – 20 total or 20 per leg… again, work to a level of challenge that is appropriate for YOU!

Your Challenge target is to complete this pairing for 10 rounds!  No matter the number of rounds you are able to complete, make a note and also the time it took you to complete.  Next time, beat your previous score by adding a round or completing the same number of rounds in less time.  No matter what, always use proper form and technique – QUALITY over QUANTITY above all else!

I hope you enjoy this challenge!  This one came from my week in Muskoka last year – and every round I completed I marked a line on my parents’ patio with sidewalk chalk!  Post your rounds completed and/or time to complete on the blog!  Don’t be shy!  I know many of you did the Lucky Sevens – I hope you noted it in your workout or food journal!  I always love your comments about the workouts you’ve tried and especially love when you come in to class with feedback and facial expressions that tell the really tell the tale!

Happy LONG WEEKEND everyone!!