Exercise – we have all had moments in our lifetime where we have become addicted to fitness, but there have been other times where we have done absolutely nothing!

Let’s start with the moments that you are in a rut – you can’t seem to exercise, how do you feel?  You probably are really busy and there simply is no time to fit in exercise – and if the time is free, the last thing you want to do is throw on a pair of sneakers and start running.  But this becomes a viscous cycle – the less you exercise the worse you feel – depression kicks in, guilt – you know better – exercise is good for you! – the body pains start to flare and you become tired.  You are not ready to bulldoze your daily events to fit in exercise – how will you get back to that exercise regime?

Let’s now look at how you feel when you are in a fitness routine – in one word GREAT!  No one has ever regretted exercise, it is the most rewarding feeling your body can experience inside out!  You know this, you have been there, so without a moment delay its time to get you back on track!

STEP ONE – know your starting point – exercise is like grades – today you may be back to grade one – yes there was a time you may have graduated, but where are you today, if you have not performed a workout in more than 2 weeks, back to grade one you go!  In grade one you need to do grade one work, if you attempt grade 8 – 5 times a week at a gym, the odds are you will fail!  So start small and it will grow, I have had members that have ran marathons once in their lives starting with a simple 10 minute morning stretch routine.  The goal is to create that itch that will grow!

STEP TWO – explore and sample new things – there are so many ways to move your body, don’t assume yours moves one way.  Each year your preferences change, back in the day you may have enjoyed individualized sports and today a group may motivate you!  You may enjoy lifting less and stretching more or vice versa, spice it up and sample new things!

STEP THREE – it’s all about getting there – very few people walk into a workout feeling better than when they leave.  There will be a thousands reasons that you should forgo a workout, no excuses, just do it!

AT MCC we welcome all levels of fitness, our goal is to get you loving fitness, health and you all over again!  Join a class – you deserve it!