Are you feeling this?!

February is “All About Intervals” and if you’ve been coming to classes at MCC, the answer has been a resounding “YES!”

stopwatch timer


We’ve had 3 different styles of interval training so far this month with spins on each from all of your MCC trainers. Week one was Tabata training and week 2 was a literal hit to the gut with “Core+Cardio” intervals.  Tabatas were my favourite until I did the Ladders this week!  Ladder drills are a fun way (read: challenging/hard/burning…) to build endurance and create a big afterburn effect.   After all, we’re training to see results so creating this effect matters… big-time! 


Why WE Like Intervals:

  1. They are time-efficient – think short duration but higher intensity
  2. They allow you to challenge and push past previous limits (both concrete and self-set!)
  3. They burn calories long after the workout has ended – even when you’re sleeping!
  4. They fight boredom – there are dozens of interval formats and countless exercises that fit in  to those formats so you literally have infinite possibilities to keep your mind engaged and your body transforming!


What YOU have told us about Intervals:

  1. “This burns!”
  2. “I love using the Interval Timer APPs!  They keep me going and don’t let me cheat!”
  3. “I never thought a workout that’s so short could be so challenging!”
  4. “Even from 2 weeks ago, I feel a difference and I can do more reps!”
  5. “I didn’t realize that I can burn more calories doing this for 10 minutes than I can going for a run for half an hour!”

Join us NOW for the 4th and final week of Intervals!  Curious about what type of intervals we’re doing?  You have to come to class to find out!