Here is the second workout for your daily LADS exercise challenge!  The first workout is upper-body focused and this one is all about the legs!  If you're feeling your upper body from yesterday, you should!   Here is where you're getting your 48 hours rest… since today's workout targets the lower body, you won't be training upper body again until tomorrow (48 hours between training the same part!).  For the duration of the challenge, alternate between workout 1 and workout 2.  

As always, focus on your form and on the muscle you are targeting.  If something doesn't feel right, STOP, and ask one of the trainers for clarification, tips or a modification based on your unique needs.  Watch the video demonstration of each exercise and to help you choose which level best suits your body and current level of fitness.  PLEASE ASK US if you have any questions or concerns about the workout!!  



WHAT:  A lower-body and cardio focused circuit consisting of:  30 seconds each for 5 different lower body exercises.  For level one participants, your goal is to complete the circuit twice.  For level 2+ participants, complete 3 sets.  If, after 3 sets, you feel your legs still had some "juice", let's think about increasing the workload!!  Your upper body gets a rest in this workout… you'll need to be fresh for tomorrow's session!! 

WHY:  These exercises are guaranteed to get the legs burning and the heart pumping!!  Targeting the lower body with this strength training circuit means that you're engaging the biggest muscles in your body, getting your heart rate up and revving up the metabolism – not only during the workout but for hours afterward.  Your effort is directly proportional to your results!

HOW:  30 seconds of each of the following exercises.  For the single-sided exercises (single leg bridges, lunges) you have to do 30 seconds on EACH SIDE!!  Rest 30 – 60 seconds at the end of the set, and repeat for 2-3 sets.

View the LADS Lower Body Workout Day 2

Exercise Name

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Prisoner Squats

Prisoner Squat, best depth

Prisoner Chair Squat

Squat Jumps

Spiderman Climb

*Knee-to-Toes plank practice 

*Spiderman Climb with your best range of motion

*Spiderman Climb with feet climbing to the outside of hands (full range)

Single Leg Bridges

Double leg bridge, 30 second hold or repetitions

Single leg bridge, 30 seconds per leg

Elevated single leg bridge, 30 seconds per leg

Lunges with rotation

Stationary lunge, add rotation when ready (30 seconds per side)

Reverse lunge with Rotation (30 seconds per side)


Split Jumps (alternating sides, 30 seconds total)

Wall Squat

Wall squat, best depth

Wall squat at 90-degrees of knee bend

Single leg wall squat, 15- 30 seconds per leg at a 90-degree bend.

*If weight-bearing on fully extended arms is tough on your wrists, you can place a folded towel or mat directly under the wrists.  The fingers should be on the floor, resting so they point straight forward.   

Have fun and work hard!  I'll be posting my own workouts for the LADS challenge this week too!  Let me know how your workout goes!!