You can squat anywhere!

You can squat anywhere!

I have the perfect summer workout for you!  It’s a program that guarantees an amazing outcome including some pretty big bragging rights at the end of just 6 weeks.  What’s more, you chip away at achieving your greatness with only a few minutes of training done each day.  What could be better?!  Yet another plus:  you can do it anywhere, anytime, with no equipment!

MCC is launching a daily exercise program that can be your summer workout solution:  The 200 Squats Challenge!   You can be up at the cottage, camping in the middle of nowhere with no gym for miles, or just looking for a great challenge that culminates with the achievement of a very impressive feat – 200 consecutive squats!  Does it sound impossible?  Here’s how we’ll be doing it – together!

What’s the program all about?

  • You can work up to doing 200 consecutive squats after only 6 weeks
  • It only takes a few minutes each day to build up your leg strength and steadily increase your reps
  • A simple initial test will determine your starting point and you’ll get a free 6-week training program based on your result
  • If you can already do 200 consecutive body weight squats, then you’ll start the program with dumbbells and build up to 200 reps with the appropriate weight.
  • No matter where you starting point, this program will challenge you, strengthen and tighten up your whole lower body

What do I get out of this?

I’ve said it before, but if you only do one exercise for strengthening the entire body, it should be squats. Squats engage every major muscle group in the body – not just the legs.   Since so much muscle is involved, you get your heart rate up for a cardio component.  There are literally dozens of ways to do squats so boredom is never a factor!  Still need more convincing?

  • Performing squats with proper technique will improve your balance, posture, prevent injury and build strength and endurance
  • After performing an intense squat reps workout, your body releases hormones which help you build muscle – not just in your legs, but everywhere else in your body including your upper body and core.

I’m sold! How do I get started?

All you have to do to get started is take the initial test. Everything you need to take The Challenge is available by following this link.  You’ll be taken to the website where you’ll find instructions for the initial test and the 6-week training program that is based on your starting point.  There is also a 200 squats mobile app to track your progress on your smart phone and keep you motivated and on track!  Thousands of people have already taken the internationally known 200 Squats Challenge and it’s time MCC made it’s mark!

You can begin the challenge at any time, however anyone registered on or before July 6th will be entered to win a great prize and can be part of our 200 Squats Challenge Celebration  that will take place as part of the MCC Olympics on July 27th!!!!  We will all be doing our 200 squats together as a team!  ARE YOU IN????