It’s so simple, yet oh so good!  This workout challenge will get your legs burning (guaranteed) and also take your upper body to the max.  Here are the details:

Simply, “The Burn!”
Your workout consists of 2 exercises that you already know, but with a spin on them to really send a message to your muscles! You’ll be doing push ups and a squat, but here are the technique details that make them extra-special…

1. Perform 10 reps of extra-slow, full range perfect push ups either from your toes, hybrid-style, or from knees. Extra-slow means that each rep should consist of about 3 seconds to go down to the floor, 1 second to hold at the bottom position, and 3 seconds to come up to the starting position. When we do the math,  all 10 reps should take about a minute!! Once you complete 10 reps of slow burning pushups, it’s time to challenge your legs!

2. Perform your best squat, and focus on all the points of your technique as you hold the bottom position for 1 minute; keep your weight in your heels, hips sitting back, chest up and shoulders relaxed. You can place your hands prisoner-style to challenge the squat even further by engaging more postural muscles! No matter what, keep your hands off of your thighs! No cheating allowed!!

For a LEVEL 1 challenge: Perform THREE sets of push ups and squats BUT…divide the challenge directions in half; Perform 5 slow push ups and a 30-second squat, and complete 3 sets (for a total of 15 push ups and 3 x 30-second squats)
For a LEVEL 2 challenge: perform THREE FULL SETS (3 x 10 slow push ups and 3 x 60-second squats)
For a LEVEL 3 challenge: Perform FIVE FULL SETS (5 x 10 push ups and 5 x 60-second squats)

*Always remember to warm up and cool down appropriately with each workout and ask questions about anything that needs clarification or modification.* 

There you have it!  It’s simple – but effective!  Depending on your current level of fitness, this workout will take between 5 and 10 minutes.  It’ll be a great burn, no matter what!  When I do a short workout challenge like this one, I love the feeling of truly pushing my limits.  If you want to really make 10 minutes feel like a complete workout, you’re gonna have to push it!  Here’s a hint to remember while you’re doing this week’s challenge…

There are NO PUSH UPS and NO SQUATS in next week’s workout challenge!! Yahoo!!