This was our "Pre-Thanksgiving Meltdown" workout and I'm happy to post it for you!  Your feedback was awesome so here it is for future enjoyment! 

This was a 3-part extravaganza that combined the best of everything:  muscle work, cardio and core training.  The first part of the workout consisted of 8 exercises;  4 multi-joint strength stations to target the major muscle groups and 4 fun cardio stations that also brought in some balance and agility.  Part 2 of the workout was a "Fat Blasting 4-Some"… 4 minutes of all-out effort in a Tabata-inspired drill of 4 well-known (and much-loved… or is it hated?!) exercises.  The third part was a mat-based core training wildcard – meaning that the choice was yours!  Everyone worked so hard during the first 2 sections that I let each participant choose their favourite core exercise to cap off the session.  Some examples were Bosu-based planks, side plank dips and ball supermans.  The choice is yours!  

If you are new to training or if you have any questions about proper form for any of the exercises below, please consult with one of the MCC trainers.  If any of these are contraindicated for you (due to injury or any other reason) please consult with the trainers for modifications/substitutions – always train safe and train smart.  Always consult with your health-care provider before starting this or any other exercise program.


The format for this strength and cardio meltdown workout is as follows:


# of exercises:  8 (4 strength stations and 4 cardio stations)

Format: Pairs. Exercise 1 (strength station) paired with exercise 2 (cardio station), 3 with 4, 5 with 6 and 7 paired with 8.  3 sets of each pair.

Time:  60 seconds per exercise, with the timer on for 6 minutes (3 sets of 60 seconds per exercise pair = 6 minutes), 1 minute rest after completing each 6 minute round (28 minutes total for Part 1).


Pair 1:

Strength Station:  Lunge and biceps curl.  Complete 30 seconds with the R leg forward and then 30 seconds with the L leg forward.  Select a weight that allows 60 (uninterrupted) seconds of biceps curling.

Cardio Station:  Over-the-top (sideways) Bosu squats. 

Pair 2:

Strength Station:  Squat and press

Cardio Station:  Medicine ball drill:  Angry ball

Pair 3:

Strength Station:  Mixed grip TRX pull ups

Cardio Station:  Power step ups, 30 seconds with R leg stepping up, 30 seconds with the L stepping up.

Pair 4: 

Strength Station:  Deadlift and row combination

Cardio Station:  Medicine ball drill:  Happy ball (full body extension)




4 minutes of high intensity whole-body drills in a Tabata-inspired format of 20 seconds "ON" and 10 seconds "OFF".  8 rounds of 20 seconds of work = 4 minutes.  Here's how it looks:

0:00 – 0:20:  20 seconds "on" for speed squats

0:20 – 0:30:  10 seconds "off", just enough time to get down to the mat for…

0:30 – 0:50:  20 seconds of close grip (triceps) push ups

0:50 – 0:60:  10 seconds of rest/prep to get in to burpee start position for…

1:00 – 1:20:  20 seconds of burpees

1:20 – 1:30:  10 seconds of rest, getting down to the floor for…

1:30 – 1:50:  20 seconds of mountain climbers

1:50 – 2:00:  10 seconds to stand up in preparation to…. repeat!

This whole drill takes 4 minutes, but it will likely be the hardest 4 minutes of the workout!!  Remember – if this drill or any of these actions is contraindicated for any reason, don't do it – ask at MCC for a substitution suited for you and your needs. 


PART 3: CORE-FOCUS time… The Wildcard!

Every participant chose their own core exercise to finish the session.  Your task:  complete 2 x 60 second sets of your core exercise of choice. 

Every workout we do ends with stretches to target each muscle group trained during the session plus extras for specific tight spots that each of us has.  Hold each stretch 15-30 seconds to the point of mild stretch and no pain!!