Why is it that you see the letters “HIIT” plastered just about everywhere you find fitness information these days?  What exactly does it mean and what’s all the hype about??  The next 3 minutes are a crash course in HIIT and will likely be the best info you’ve invested into your fat loss arsenal in a while!

What is HIIT?

  •  An acronym for High Intensity Interval Training

  • Combines 2 of the most effective forms of fat burning exercise methods (High intensity exercise + Interval training format)…

Tabata timer photo

High Intensity:  is maximal effort required to achieve muscular fatigue and maximum oxygen use in a quick “burst”

Interval Training:  alternating periods of intense effort with periods of moderate to low effort

Is HIIT for me?

1. If you’ve been watching Netflix while doing your cardio, chances are the answer is YES.

2.  If you think you have to spend an hour+ on a cardio machine to lose fat, YES.

3.  If you’re ready, willing and able to get your head in the game, give your best effort and start seeing some big-time results, YES!

Why does it work?

FACT:  working out close to your own maximal efforts (VO2 max) triggers the “Afterburn Effect”.

FACT:  Stimulating an afterburn means that your body continues to burn calories for up to 48 hours post workout… even when you’re at your desk or sleeping!

FACT:  Interval training boosts metabolism significantly longer than a steady-state workout – even if it’s a longer workout!  Here’s a quick “Did You Know”…

27 minutes of HIIT 3x/week can produce more results than 60 minutes of cardio 5x/week!

Get results and beat boredom!  With interval training, there is so much variety in what you can do, I can’t imagine you could ever be bored.  We can vary:

  • length of time for both high and low intensity intervals

  • ratio of work to rest

  • workload/level of intensity in the high and low ends

  • exercises used in the training session (countless combinations of cardio drills, lower and upper body exercises)

The bottom line…

HIIT is a very effective fat burning method.  It is also taxing to the body and can’t be done every day or for long periods of time without risking overtraining or even injury.  This is why your mcc trainers program your sessions carefully and ensure your workout is designed knowing your personal history, lifestyle and fitness level.  There is no “one size fits all”  HIIT plan!  Yes, you can follow HIIT workouts from an app, article or your best friend, but your body deserves to be trained SMART – not just HARD!

Talk to us about the best ways to use this information to get you to your goals safely, efficiently and finally!!

*HIIT is not for everyone.  As with any exercise program, consult with your healthcare provider before you begin or change your program.