In this fun and simple workout challenge, we’ve assigned an exercise to each letter of the alphabet!  You get a shuffled list of upper body, core, lower body and cardio actions to mix it up a little and take a break from routine!  For today…  Spell out MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Aim to work as hard completing each “letter” as possible and really push the outer limit of your comfort zone!  Train smart and modify exercises if needed.


Next time you visit this workout, spell your name!  If your name is Sue or Ed, I would strongly suggest spelling out “Suzanne” or “Edward” and including your middle or last name as well!!  If your name is Christopher… that’s more like it!  Try out a phrase or two!  Some suggestions for the next week or so might be “See Ya In Laws!” or Happy New Year!

Have fun with it!  Here’s your key to the Alphabet Challenge, Christmas Eve Edition: