Great tunes… instructor in costume… a pumpkin… and lots of sweat!  If you missed MCC's first annual 'real' Hallowe'en workout, it was fantastic!  Technically we did workouts last year on Hallowe'en but I wasn't dressed up and we didn't have the spooky tunes pumpin'… so it doesn't count!! 


The Hallowe'en Workout, 2012 Edition

Part 1:  31s.  Obviously, you know why we had to do 31 reps of each of these!!  These 5 actions were done with our best technique but in the shortest time possible.

31 jumping jacks

31 squats

31 Spiderman climbs

31 push ups

31 angry ball

Part 2:  Cardio intervals (bike or treadmill):  31 seconds "ON", 15 seconds "OFF" – 6 rounds

Part 3:  Strength training pairs of the following Hallowe'en-inspired and multi-joint/massive action exercises!

1.  Pumpkin rotation lunges

2.  Ball-based skull crushers

3.  Deadlifts

4.  TRX pull ups… not Hallowe'eny but brutal, so they're a perfect fit for this workout!

5.  "Scared black cat" aka plank with a cat "crunch"

6.  "The Treat Bowl" aka lunge+curl+press

7.  "The Witches Cauldron" aka the pot stir plank on the ball

8.  Squats with pumpkin swing

Part 4:  Pumpkin pass squat Group drill

All participants stood in a circle (facing in to the middle) with about 2-3 feet separating each person. Everyone assumed their best-depth squat position as an 8 lb pumpkin was passed around the circle 3 times!  If anyone stood up before the pumpkin made it's way around, we would have started again!!  As a bonus, we changed directions and went around the opposite way!  Well done everyone!!

Our Hallowe'en Workout Soundtrack:  based on your requests and my favourites!!

Warm up:  Ghostbusters (Ray Parker, Jr.)

31's and cardio intervals:  Enter the Sandman (Metallica) and Ghosts 'n' Stuff (deadmau5)

The strength training circuit:  Disturbia (Rihanna), Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran), Thriller (Michael Jackson), Beautiful Monster (Ne-Yo), Scream (Usher), Time Warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack), Superstition (Stevie Wonder).

Cool down:  Monster Mash (Bobby "Boris" Pickett)


Thanks for a great night everyone!