“The Hundred” Ladder – a 10-minute climb to the top!

Even the name sounds brutal!  You’ll need your phone’s timer for this one my friends!  Give yourself 10 seconds rest between exercises (reset the timer, take a breath, take a sip, and be ready to hit it again!)


10 seconds – Frog stomps (10 sec full-out!)

20 seconds – Seal jacks

30 seconds – Burpees

40 seconds – V sit or jacknife

50 seconds – squats

60 seconds – side plank hip dips…R sdie for 30 sec, L side for 30 sec

70 seconds – push ups (it doesn’t sound as bad if I say 1 minute, 10 seconds!)

80 seconds – wall sit (1 minute, 20 seconds with thighs parallel to the floor)

90 seconds – Side plank with leg raise for 45 seconds per side

100 seconds – lunges (your favourite kind, 50 seconds per side)

There’s a chance a few of these exercises are new to some of you, so here is a quick demo!

Frog Stomps

Seal Jacks


Side Plank Hip Dips

Side Plank with Leg Raise