What’s a ladder?

Well, it’s an easy way to format your 5-10 minute workout solution for one thing!  A ladder is a grouping of 3 or more exercises with an increasing and/or decreasing amount of reps for each of the chosen exercises.  To make a ladder, I generally choose exercises that have a big bang for the reps and I order them in such a way that one isn’t likely to affect the quality of the next (ie an upper body exercise followed by a lower body one and so on).  That’s it in a nutshell!  When we’re looking for a quick workout challenge, we can simply have fun with exercise selection and enjoy the feeling when we’re done!!

So, here is your weekend Ladder Workout Challenge:

75 jumping jacks

50 step ups (25 per leg)

25 push ups

Pretty straightforward, right?  Well, if you’re up for a big challenge, I want you to go down the ladder (starting with 75-50-25 as listed above) and then climb back up and down again!  Here’s what it looks like:

75 jacks – 50 step ups – 25 push ups – 50 step ups – 75 jacks – 50 step ups – 25 push ups.  Done!  Record your time at the bottom of your food journal or workout journal!

If you are just getting started, these numbers won’t apply and wouldn’t be wise to do.  We can all do the ladder, but a level one choice is more like this:

25 jacks – 10 to 15 step ups – 5 to 10 push ups

If any of these actions is not appropriate for you,  we can easily make a substitution. Making the switch to mountain climbers for the higher-impact jumping jack would be an example.  Please contact me via our gmail account for specific modifications!  I’m at your service!!