Thanksgiving is here!  I’ve cooked up a little bonus for you this year in the form of a 10 minute calorie torch workout!  It has an appetizer, a main course and a dessert!!  Here’s what I mean…

Turkey Burn Baby!!In this accumulating set workout, you start with your appetizer:  a single set of 10 body saws to fire up that core!  Take a 15 second break.  Your main course has another set of 10 body saws plus (without resting) an immediate set of 15 plank push ups with the same arm leading your action. Hello, triceps!!  Take up to 30 seconds rest.  Now for your dessert:  an accumulation of 10 body saws, 15 plank push ups (with the opposite arm that did the first set) and finish with a set of 20 single leg burpees (10 per leg)!  I worded it all so nicely… but it’s nasty!  This whole little menu will take you just under 4 minutes to complete!  Take 30-60 sec before coming back for your second helping…  Oh yes, just like most Thanksgiving dinners – there’s more!

I’m serving you another full appetizer, main and dessert!  Follow the same accumulating set format that you did with the first 3 exercises, but you get 3 fresh exercises to try:  20 cross-body mountain climbers, 30 sprinter’s lunges and 40 jumping jacks!!  It looks like this:

Appetizer:  20 cross body mt climbers (+15 sec rest before starting your main course…)

Main Course:  20 cross body mt climbers + 30 sprinter’s lunges (alternating for a total of 30 or 15 per leg – your choice!  (+up to 30 sec rest)

Dessert:  20 cross body mt climbers + 30 sprinter’s lunges + 40 jumping jacks

Woohoo!  That’s a 10-minute calorie torcher!!  Remember this:  when you do a short workout, what we lack in time we must make up for with INTENSITY!!!

If you try the 2015 version of the “Turkey Burn” workout, tell me how you liked it!!   As with any exercise, if it doesn’t agree with your body, please substitute something that feels great and is a smart choice.  We keep our output high in this workout with full ranges of motion and by moving through the reps with perfectly controlled speed.  We can always dial up intensity by adding jump components and full range of motion speed-reps (Think:  how many perfect reps can I do in 30 seconds?!)  We can dial down if needed with walking and/or elevated burpees as an example.  If your body and jumping don’t mix, your jumping jack could be substituted for alternate side-stepping with added arms or another cardio action of your choice.  Work it hard my friends, but work it smart!

 Happy Thanksgiving from your MCC Family!