If you think you can only burn fat by sweating it out for hours in the gym and by doing long (boring) cardio sessions, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Even if it was a sure-fire way to lose fat and gain muscle (which is is NOT), who has that much time on their hands?!  If you find yourself skipping workouts altogether because life gets in the way, you’re not alone.  What you need is a short, intense workout to stimulate your metabolism, burn calories and fat and be easy enough to do at home with little time and no equipment.  Sound like the perfect solution in your busy life?  It is!!

We’re thrilled to bring you 12 NEW BLAST workouts as part of mcc’s 30-Day Challenge!  Here’s why these workouts are the perfect addition to your exercise toolbox:

  1.  When you work out with short but intense intervals, your body continues to burn calories long after your workout is finished (and you can’t say that about longer, lower intensity workouts)  Think about these BLASTS as stoking your caloric fire!
  2. They’re made for your busy life and for the days when you “just don’t wanna”.  These workouts are short, require no equipment, very little space and are actually fun!  There are 12 different BLASTS so you can switch up your “routine” and stay motivated!  You can do them on the road or in your living room to stay on track with your workouts when life throws you a curve.  The intensity leaves you feeling amazing from the endorphin boost (and even the muscle burn!) and you can be sure that the 10 minutes you invested actually add to results!!    Let’s just be clear on that…
  3. They rack up RESULTS.  You’re boosting metabolism, burning fat and protecting your hard-earned muscle!  Hello, results!!  What’s more, you’re you’re still able to increase your muscle strength, endurance, and heart health with shorter interval workouts.  It’s all good!!

Are you eager to take a look at the workouts?  Are you ready to watch one in action and try them out?  You’ll find all 12 BLAST workouts on our Instagram page and video demos of each one on our YouTube channel!  As always, if you require modifications please ask your mcc trainers.  We’re here to support you as you train hard and train SMART!