Results Based Fitness

Focus is on form and pushing yourself within your limits.
Notice the difference!



Small group classes (max 8-10 people)
Full supervision with a qualified personal trainer
No two classes are the same
All classes run a full hour in length



No annual contracts
Month to month programs
Personal training available



Mat and water service
Monthly body composition
Morning, night and weekend classes

MCC Fitness Classes


This is a great cardio workout, where you can sweat it out and punch out stress.  Includes straps and gloves. No experience needed.


Maximum 8 members in a class!  Our qualified trainer will guide you in an exercise session with weights and resistance that offers the right level of intensity while focusing on your form and fitness needs.

For members that have past injuries and/or have many physical limits.  Our physiotherapist will support your Functional Fitness program at MCC and can be covered under extended health benefits


Recover your muscles and mind with a stretch and recovery class. Promote joint health by bringing back normal ranges of motion in your tight, sore muscles.


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MCC Fitness News

How much exercise does your heart need

How much exercise does your heart need

Your heart is a muscle, and like all muscles, it needs movement for optimal health.  Incorporating regular exercise will open the door to a series of heart healthy benefits reduce blood pressure lower cholesterol improve your blood sugar strengthen the heart muscle...