You know how important it is to be healthy, and you have the BEST intensions. But somehow your day gets the best of you – intensions are clouded with to do’s, and the precious time you carved out for yourself got bumped!  If you have not been eating healthy or have not exercised for more than two weeks – guess what you are in a health rut.  Before the snow ball builds out of control, you need to make a health you turn and begin to sail in the direction that helps you achieve optimal health.

Here are 5 things you can do to get yourself out of your health rut…

Redefine your goal

In order to set sail into health you need a direction – your goal is your direction.  Be careful – this is not an easy task, take your time – create a goal that is doable – make sure the goal not only is about a result but about the process that gets you there.  A little hint – goals should not only contain what you will lose (pounds on a scale) they should include what you will gain (confidence, energy, health!).

Get Support

This is the golden rule for success – support and this comes in all different shapes and sizes.  Support can be having a buddy to workout with – a facebook group to share recipes, a health care professional to ensure accountability, a team or group that you workout with.  Support ties you to something and someone else, and two minds are always better than one!

Start with a BANG – kickstart!

To change your health direction, you will need to make a U TURN to get on the desired path.  I call this a kick start – this is a short period of time where you take it up a notch and really focus on a jump start.  A kick start can be as simple as buying yourself a new pair of workout shoes or as complex as starting a juice cleanse.  The key is to commit to something that is out of your comfort zone.

Weigh yourself

So many of us are in denial – it’s time to face the music.  I am not one to promote scale watching, however if you have not been on a scale for sometime, it’s a quick way to gage your health.  I can’t tell you how many times people come into the clinic and are shocked at their number on the scale – they have no clue how they got their – be in the know!

Create a N.E.W. plan

When one tries to improve their health – they tend to just focus on nutrition or exercise, yes those are the two foundation elements to health – but there is a third …N = nutrition E – exercise W = WELLNESS!  Make sure that you add wellness to your regime.  Wellness is the simple but complex at the same time (as this is true with most common sense habits).  Wellness is the ability to breathe, give thanks, be present, sleep!).  Wellness is an integral part to your health and must be part of your plan!