With the summer here, it’s time to embrace the weight loss challenge of picnics, meetings at a patio bar, and summer socials!  MCC has a special offer for all MCC members, turn your workplace into a healthy, lean, mean machine…
While on any diet the key is 10% education and 90% application however there are social factors that will affect your success such as family, friends and co-workers. It is important to get all 3 of the these groups of people on your side so that they are not enticing you to eat a different way or have a cheat meal, but so that they are supporting you at every turn.
While on a diet, it is likely that you will encounter events that will test your will power. The key is not only to KNOW what the healthy options are, but to make sure that you follow through, this is called avoiding the social suction!
 As you start a program and try to purge the household pantry and fridge it’s a good idea to focus on your place of business as well and a great way to help reduce the social suction is to get everyone involved. Lets face it, if the majority of your co-workers are all following the same program or plan then it makes conferences, dinner meetings, office birthday parties, junk food at the reception desk and social gathering with your co-workers easier and more successful then if you are trying to always say NO to social pressures on your own.
At MCC we love to get your entire office involved in your weight loss or health journey with workplace wellness programs. This Summer we have a special offer… We will come to your place of business and perform one day of free body compositions!
Inquire today and find out how you can get your office on your side and help you reach your weight loss and wellness goals.