We are in the final two weeks of summer – and most of us are all holding on to the warm weather and sunshine, possibly we are a little skeptical of what’s to come?

FALL is arriving soon and it is the number one time of year to get your health back on track.  There are many reasons why FALL is the most opportune time to reclaim your health …

  • events that involve food slow down (patios, cottage time …)
  • the routine starts up again (kids are in school, and work routine seems to be streamlined)
  • your liver is on your side – in September the body wants to detox and rid toxins

With so much hype (and rightfully so) about improving your immunity – I like to do a 1-2 punch in the fall to not only shed summer weight – but get on board with an immune-building strategy.  When talking to my patients – I always have them develop a NEW plan – this is a nutrition, exercise and wellness strategy.  Here are some general tips to support you in your quest for a better body!


  • get into a strong routine of meal timing – eat all meals at similar times daily and don’t wait until you are hungry to eat – be proactive
  • boost your probiotic foods, that’s items like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, miso soup and fermented veggies – this has never been more important – all our cleaning and mask-wearing is killing good and bad microbes, and this is the starting point of good immunity
  • seek a structured diet plan – looking for more meal ideas, simple eating strategies … try a diet plan – MCC offers DIY plans or you can work with a nutritionist to offer you meal solutions and meal prepping strategies that work for your lifestyle.


  • this is a must in your lifestyle – with all the work from home mandates, we are moving less – get moving with both
    • isolated exercise – boot camps, sports, fitness classes both virtual and or at a gym
    • move more and start counting your steps – the bare minimum is 5000 steps per day – are you there?


  • start taking your supplements – the top two recommendations this time of year is a good phytomulti vtiamin and a fish oil, the key is consistency – these items need to be taken daily to make a cellular impact (both phyto multi and fish oil called omegavail are available to free next day shipping on the health food page at SAVOZ.ME
  • get your sleep – stay on routine – go to bed 1/2 hour earlier that your current time and set an alarm to wake up