Stop Watch

Lose A Dress Size Week # 1 is underway and we thought this would be the perfect time to make sure you are mentally ready to WIN this challenge.  The best part of a challenge, is it brings out the competitive spirit in all of us and takes us out of our comfort zone!
We have gathered our top tips from past challenges as well as past participant tips to help you succeed on this one!

Tip # 1: Every Point Matters

This is one of our top tips for almost every challenge and yet participants always leave something out. We give you lots of ways to get points during a challenge though blogs, nutrition appointments, exercise classes and all these points add up at the end of the challenge and they can be the deciding factor when determining the winner!

Tip # 2: Use your Nutrition Appointments To Gain helpful Tips

Get tips and help with new meal plans and recipes. This challenge we have added weekly phases that are designed to help you stay focused and progress through the challenge smoothly.

Tip # 3: Be Open Minded

Don’t be afraid to try new recipes and limits! Be prepared and reday to jump into the challenge. Try the suggested recipes even if you have to add new ingredients you have never had before.

Tip # 4: Track Your Eating

Starting a new challenge is like starting a new program. Tracking your eating, drinking and limits will help to make sure you stay on track as best as possible.

Here are some of our favorite tips from our Paleo Challenge participants:

In order to be successful with this challenge I have decided my pantry has to be as Paleo friendly as possible. I am scouring the recipes on the MCC website and listing the ingredients I need to make up the allowable snacks in advance. Meal planning, that’s the key     – Vicky


This is my first MCC challenge but I have kept a food journal before. I find this a very successful tool in keeping you on track.       – Candice


I am excited about the challenge because it helps me think “serious”. The weigh-ins and nutrition appointments help me stay focused      – Lauire


Your Turn- How will you succeed this Challenge? Let us know what you will do to lose YOUR dress size and succeed during this LADS challenge.