With cough and cold season here we thought it would be a great idea to dig a bit deeper and find some different ways to prevent us from getting sick other than washing our hands, eating fruits and veggies or taking vitamins.

We have done a little research and studies have linked a healthy digestive track to an increased immune system. But how can that be? Well, the digestive track has what we like to call “Good” bacteria. This bacteria helps to not only digest food, decrease bloating, but it also help to boost the immune system.IMG_0560 copy

Our immune system stems from the digestive track and with that said a healthy digestive track equals a healthy immune system. So, we can boost our immune system by taking care of digestion. The optimal way to maintain our “good” bacteria is to maintain a healthy diet and regularly consume fermented foods such as:

  • Fermented vegetables of all kinds (cabbage, carrots, kale, collards, celery spiced with herbs like ginger and garlic)
  • Fermented raw milk such as kefir or yogurt, but NOT commercial versions, which typically do not have live cultures and are loaded with sugars that will ultimately reduce healthy gut flora
  • Kim chee
  • Tempeh

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