I can speak for most of us when I say that we are happy to welcome 2021!  ALthough none of us know the path and the direction of 2021, one thing is for certain – it is time to reclaim our health and reset our goals.  I have witnessed countless COVID health transformations during 2020.  Some were incredible – some patients used this time to improve their diet habits, take their exercise to the next level and their results were incredible.  The word to note is “some” – most people instead allowed their health to derail due to the pandemic.  The majority of people seemed confused on how to manage their health with the added concern of COVID – the fear caused emotional eating, the depression caused the inability to exercise, the uncertaintly and boredom caused increased alcohol, sugar and salt consumption.  This compliation of bad habits is the perfect storm to amplify concerned feelings and result in fat gain and muscle loss.

As we enter into lock down #2 – we are now more wise, and we cannot allow history to repeat itself.  This time – lets use the time to our advantage – lets choose health this time!

NOW is the time – to improve your nutrition, exercise and wellness habits.  Not only will this transform your physical body, but it will mentally prepare you for the path that lies ahead.  Although we cannot control the world – we can control certain parts of ourseleves, how we move, what we eat or how we think.  So let’s use the start of 2021 to reset and rewrite our health story.

January of 2021 I will be offering a new weight loss challenge.  This will be our third virtual challenge offered since COVID and they have been a great success.  Our virtual challenges first and foremost give you the opportunity to get results. With over 500 pounds lost in our combined new challenges!  Challenges are also a great form of focus – in a time where there are so many unknowns and the need for routine has never been greater – let a challenge help you reset – refocus and establish health.