Since everyone has everything, Christmas gifts can be a challenging chore.  I try my best to find gifts that are personable and that can offer value beyond the box.  This year I wanted to share some of my best reads with close family and friends.  A set of books that seemed perfect for most of my gift recipients was Chris Crowley’s “Younger Next Year” series.  With a female and male specific book, I was sure it was going to be a great gift”.

Although I can’t possibly give this book to everyone, I certainly can provide you with the gift of wisdom and advise you to read these books and live out the key message.  The solutions provided in this book are not revolutionary, instead they are quite simple and extremely similar to the MCC care model.

Understand that aging is inevitable and truly is a privilege, its not about defying age, it’s about eliminating the baggage that comes with it.  You should not assume that as you age you will get a disease, gain weight or feel aches and pains.  These are the elements that age us, but they do not have to come with age.  What accelerates these disease states are the lack of certain lifestyle habits: no exercise, poor nutrition…does this sound familiar?  Fitness – nutrition – wellness 🙂

Since this is an “exercise blog” I want to highlight this specific habit, and emphasis how important exercise is for you!

Exercise comes in all shapes and forms, its about getting your heart rate up, stretching, moving, pushing, pulling, supporting, it can be done in a group, as part of a team or on your own, you can do it at home, at a gym, with equipment or with simply your body.

There is not one reason NOT to exercise.  If you are in pain, certain exercises will help this, if you have a restrictions there are modifications, if you have no time, you can get time from something else in your day.  If you know the benefit of exercise there is no excuse NOT to do it.

Exercise will keep your body young by improving your posture, supporting your joints and building muscle mass (all things that are on the decline with age).  Exercise makes you feel good, you only regret NOT doing exercise, no one regrets doing it.  It manages your stress, clears your mind, makes you happy.

Exercise is the number one thing you can do to be younger this year.

If you already exercise share some tips that keep you motivated to stay committed to exercise.