Getting back to school in 2020 is like no other.  Parents and children are walking into uncharted territory!  It is important to take all the precautions that have been outlined by your local health care authorities and school board.  As a parent, there are some additional steps that you can take to support your child’s immune system.  Here are your back to school immune essentials …

  1. Start an immune supplement regime – get into a routine of taking daily nutrition supplements – our top immune recommendations are – a multiple vitamin, vitamin D, and a probiotic.  Most brands will have children with appropriate dosages.
  2. Don’t just rely on the supplement – get nutrient-rich foods in the diet.  Start with a simple addition of more fruits and vegetables – keep in mind the daily recommendation for these foods is 5-10 per day.  If your child is not a big produce eater, start small – add veggies blended to soups and sauces, have cut up produce ready on the table when the kids get home from school.
  3. Ensure the right hours of sleep – your immune system is not only depended on your nutrition patterns, but also your overall wellness.  Sleep is integral for all but more so for the growing body!  Make sure your child is getting enough sleep for their age group.  This can be tricky post summer, I suggest easing into this 1/2 hour each night and make sure you cut out the sleep busters a good 3 hours prior to bed – food and electronics.
  4. Add warmth – this time of year the body craves warm foods – start prepping the chicken soup, stews and root veggie meals.  Adjusting your meals to seasons is integral to your overall health and wellbeing.
  5. Keep meal times consistent – now you are about to embarc on routine!  Start with a healthy balanced breakfast, school will have meal times, a balanced snack ready upon school return and dinner.  Keep times of meals, bed time and homework all consistent.  When a child is off routine, they will have increased stress and anxiety and this will impede the immune system.

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