We are always looking for the next best fruit or veggie that packs a nutrition punch. The green veggies, especially kale, have always stood the tallest – offering so much antioxidant power and fibre. While this still holds true, there are some new greens in town that are getting lots of healthy hype. One in particular that is a MUST try are BROCCOLI SPROUTS!

Why we love Broccoli Sprouts?

Broccoli sprouts are not the same from a nutrition standpoint as mature traditional broccoli. Sprouts are reported to contain 1000 percent more nutrients vs mature broccoli.

It’s cancer fighting…The sprouts offer a great deal of an active ingredient called sulforaphane. This ingredient has the ability to remove toxins from the body, making it a strong disease-fighting nutrient. Specifically with certain types of cancers, this phytochemical helps to destroy breast cancer cells and tumor reduction. This ingredient acts as a detoxifier to remove carcinogens, xenoestrogens and other environmental pollutents from the body.

GI supporter – Sprouts have shown to support your gut health and are extremely beneficial to help fight H. pylori. The sprouts help to protect the gastric lining making it difficult for future bacterial colonization. Sprouts contain a potent level of digestive enzymes making them easy to digest and supporting your GI system.

Heart helper – sulforaphane helps to protect the blood vessels in the body and reduce oxidative cellular damage. In addition to blood pressure, sprouts assist with kidney function

Easy ways to use broccoli sprouts

You little can put this #$@* on everything! At home, I add it to salads, soups and even in the morning on top of scrambled eggs. Replace an alfalfa sprout with these sprouts in any traditional sandwich too!

Check out our recipe of the month BROCCOLI SPROUT SMOOTHIE for meal idea using these nutrient winners!