Nutrition is such an evolving science – one minute a food is good for you and the next it’s questionable…we have seen society evolve rapidly from growing food in their own land to eating a meal with click of a button for a mobile order.  This changing lifestyle is a call for action for Canada to continually update their healthy eating food guidelines.  In 2019 Canada made another revision – with the last happening in 2007 – this update was well overdue!  Whether you like or dislike the new guide – it’s a step in the right direction.  It is difficult to teach the mass how to eat healthy – because healthy eating is 10% education – but 90% application – thus programs like MCC have a purpose – they ensure that changes are made to ensure success. Here is a walk down memory lane – and see how the food guide has evolved…




Noteworthy food guide improvements

No more food groups!

Food is made up of carbohydrates, protein and fat – these are the food groups not – “dairy, grains…”  this simple change is probably my most favorite.  I found the old groups confused people to understand the composition of food – the goal of public education is to teach balance, teaching macro’s and their balance is easier to understand and hard to mess up!

Protein Re-Defined

For years people assumed protein just came from meat – the new guide emphasizes plant proteins and also redefines dairy.  I am actually a dairy fan, and although many feel that dairy got snubbed because it is no longer a food group – I think it got promoted, we now know exactly what it’s worth is!

Portioning Made Simple!

I don’t think people measure that often – it’s a tedious task.  A simple switch from the rainbow to the plate does the trick.  Using the plate for portion perception is the most simple method – after all we eat from the plate, and it’s visual.  Did you know that one of the earlier food guides in the 70’s had a plate them and then was moved to a rainbow in the 90’s.

Mindful Eating

This is the first guide that goes beyond food!  It targets culture, socialization, eating at home and mobile manipulation.  It’s about time – we are a social world – people know what good food is, they simply don’t have the lifestyle that encourages healthy eating.  Although the guide simply messages mindful eating, it’s a step in the right direction, and in my opinion mindless eating is the real cause of poor eating habits.

Better Beverages

I love water, its not a nutrient, but it helps nutrients get absorbed.  It’s about time it gets the spotlight!  More importantly other beverages got ousted!  Juice is no longer a vegetable and fruit servings – its considered an other with all other processed foods and that’s where it belongs!