The world of nutrition is a funny one, it seems the information we professionals put out there is confusing, one minute we are pumping a food as the best in the world and the next that food is placed on the food most wanted list as the biggest villain since sliced bread!  A very cute video was posted on YOUTUBE a few months ago depicting this exact food science dilemma, take a look at TIME TRAVEL DIETITIAN

Why do we – the nutrition world – keep doing this – simply put there are two main reasons that nutrition contradicts itself

1 – nutrition is a new science, and it’s never gonna get old because we keep changing the processing of food.  Studies done on soybeans 50 years ago is different than the currently cropped soybeans.  So as food evolves the science does too!

2- one mans food can be another man’s poison – its true there are certain foods that are either good or bad for everyone, for instance, trans fat is not good no matter what your genetic makeup is.  However, genetics, health conditions and your lifestyle have an influence on how certain foods react in your body.

So today, I give you my opinion on a very controversial macronutrient: fat!  The three-letter F-word has been dragged through the mud and forbidden by most health institutes.  For years we were under the impression that dietary fat caused body fat, and was the main culprit to degenerative disease states such as heart disease.   In result, the world has become fat conscious, however by reducing their fat consumption they have filled the void with more carbohydrates, thus resulting in a rise of degenerative diseases including heart disease, diabetes type 2, obesity and mental health disorders.

First off, not all fat is created equal, there are the great, the good the bad and the ugly.  The great fats are those from omega three sources such as fish oils and super seeds.  The good are clean animal fats such as fat from organic meats, grass-fed butter, and dairy products. Also good fats include olives and olive oil, avocado and avocado oil and coconut products.  The bad are conventional animal fats and plant oils such as soy, canola, and sunflower.  The ugly is the processed ones such as trans fats that are one foot out the door and on route to being banned!

Fats are your friends if you consume the great and good and ensure that you keep your other macronutirent consumptions (carbohydrates and proteins) minimized.  Fat is foe when you over consume fat along with carbohydrates and protein and your consumption comes from the bad and ugly sources.

By eating good fats in the right proportion you will not only make fat your friend, but maybe even your BFF!  This is because good fats are eaten correctly unleash a flurry of benefits, such as

  • improved body composition: reduction in body fat and increase in muscle mass
  • reduced inflammation
  • better hormonal function (thyroid, insulin and stress-related and sex-related hormones)
  • improved immune system
  • improved mental focus and health state
  • improved cholesterol

Fat can provide these benefits when eaten correctly – if you eat lots of fat PLUS lots of carbs and protein, these benefits may become overshadowed by the disease states that feed off of sugars and toxic foods.  Instead to see fat shine you gotta give it the spot light.  I encourage one to try a form of low carbohydrate high fat diet – this is the formula to see what fat can do for you and who knows…you may enjoy the diet!!!

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