When it comes to weight loss, fat is a complex topic. We understand that we need fat, but too much can lead to health issues. Some diets eliminate fats while others claim that it is essential? We also know that certain non fat foods can turn into fat?

The key is to understand the different types of fat and I encourage that 90-100% of your fat sources come from the “good list”

The good fats are those derived from plant sources and are part of the unsaturated family. This includes oils, nuts and seed. In the good group there is actually a great group and these are essential fats omega 3 and 6. These fats are essential as the body does not product them, these fats produce healing hormones that aid with heart, brain, and metabolic health. For optimal use and absorption choose fish oils as your source of essential fats and since they are not typically consumed on a daily basis, I suggest supplementation. Every person I know can benefit from this supplement.

The bad fats are those derived from animal sources and are part of the saturated family. This includes animal meat fat, dairy products such as butters and cheese. These fats are pro inflammatory and will cause fat build up In the blood and body.

The ugly fats are those produced by man, these are trans fats, I believe that one day soon these fats will be globally banned, they not only have no health benefit, but they cause harm and are catalyst to many disease states. Trans fats are used to extend the shelf live of products and make food have a smooth and creamy texture. Trans fats come in the form of many names, try to avoid hydrogenated, palm and modified style oils.

The disguised fats are those that on paper show no signs of fat, but store as fat in the body. Sugar is one example, let’s look at a piece of candy, it has no fat, however when it enters your body, it causes your blood sugar to spike, your insulin is called upon to fix this and in return your body begins to store fat. Disguised fats are all around us, they not only exist in foods but also in habits. Skipping meals frequently will also promote fat storage in the body.

Do your best to reduce your sugar consumption consume good (and great) fats at each meal.