BBQ Season is here and so is the decision…Gas or Charcoal BBQ. Which is better? Which makes the food taste better? There are certain risks associated with BOTH charcoal and gas grilling and they both stem from HIGH heat and flare ups. The following will take you through the best way to improve the healthiness of your summer BBQ.


First thing to note are the benefits to BBQing:

  1. If done correctly, whatever you BBQ will have a delicious smoky, grilled flavour meaning you don’t have to use too much salt, heavy seasonings and rubs.
  2.  When we BBQ we decrease the fat of the meat as it is allowed to drip off as opposed to cooking the meat in it.
  3. Less mess and lets face it, less mess means more time for you!!

There are however some cons associated with BBQed meats BUT there are ways to reduce some of the unhealthy byproducts of BBQing foods. When we grill there are cancer causing chemicals that are associated with the grilling process, PAHs and HCAs that should be avoided as best as possible.

– PAHs: Caused by the smoke from flare ups

– HCAs:  Created inside the meat when exposed to prolonged high heat, so they can’t be scraped or trimmed off.

DON’T PANIC! We are here to help you reduce the harmful chemicals (and get the healthiest tasting BBQ.)

  1. Moderate Grill Temperature- Turn down the burners if you are using a gas grill, especially if you are not using the entire grill surface. This will reduce the formation of HCAs and keep your meat from drying out. When using charcoal, start with a moderate size fire and add a handful of fresh coal every 30 minutes. You don’t need to build a towering inferno of charcoal. Check out our blog on our top 10 BBQ tips.
  2. Indirect Cooking Methods– If using charcoal arrange it on one side of the grill or on the edges and cook your meat on the other side or in the middle of the grill. This technique will prevent the drips from falling on the hot coal and will reduce flare-ups and avoid the formation of PAHs. You can create the same effect with your gas grill, just remember to cook with the lid closed. This will also help cook your meat more evenly. If you want a great portion controlled meal, skewers are the way to go. Check out our shrimp, chicken and vegetable skewers and have yourself a Skewer Party.
  3. Lean Cuts- BBQing leaner cuts of meat like pork tenderloins, flank steak, skinless chicken, lean ground beef or turkey burgers, will reduce the amount of dripping fat and flare-ups. You want a crowd pleasing juicy turkey burger? Check out our BEST Burger Ever.
  4. Marinades and Spice Rubs- Not only will this add delicious flavor to your meats but it will also avoid the formation of harmful compounds. Marinating meats for as little as 30 minutes can reduce the formation of HCAs by 90%. If you want a delicious marinade for your meat, check out our Marinades in Minutes blog.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you are careful and follow the guidelines above. Check Out Our NEW Favourite Burger and let the BBQ season begin!!