What’s all the hype with Ginger?

ginger root

This wonder spice has been a popular choice for calming an upset stomach over time (remember when your mom used to give you gingerale?) but who knew it packs so many other health benefits – not to mention it offers up an aromatic, unique and flavourful addition to any meal. Below are just a few of the many benefits available to you by adding ginger in your diet.


Powerful anti-inflammatory – the antioxidants in ginger relieve pain and reduce certain hormones that are known to promote inflammation.

Anti-cancerous properties – Studies have shown ginger stops the growth of certain cancer cells! Most notably ovarian and colorectal cancer cells.

Eases digestion by relaxing the muscles of your gastrointestinal track and preventing gas and bloating. Although, beware of ginger products for this, using fresh ginger root is best!

Boosts your immune system by helping maintain proper function and its ability to fight infection.

Acts as a natural antibiotic shown to fight cold and flu viruses.

Heart healthy spice! Ginger has been shown to reduce the “stickness” of blood platelets, decreasing your risk of heart disease.