With our first long weekend here – we typically kick off the event with warm festivities – barbecue, fireworks and a picnic in the park. Although long weekends are a small fragment of time – unhealthy eating will linger for weeks! Here are some healthy nutrition tips to help you navigate through your first of many long weekends.


#1 LEVEL UP THE WORKOUTS weather you increase the quality or quantity – start burning that glycogen pot. Although exercise does not undo poor eating habits, it will burn glycogen so that access food does not over fill the pot.


#2 PLAN TO GO OUTDOORS take your first “nature” walk of the season – not only does this burn calorie, it will give peace to your mind as well as be an activity that does not revolve around food.


#3 GET BBQ GOING this is the first of many BBQ weekends – instead of hot dogs and hams – that are high in calories, opt for shrimp and chicken kabobs and grilled veggies


#4 LIMIT THE DRINKS it’s ok to enjoy a drink from time to time – the goal, however, is not to overindulge! Most alcoholic drinks pack 200 kcals per serving, not to mention wreak havoc on your blood sugar. Instead, opt for low calorie “healthy” drinks – try KOMBUCHA spritzers, not only are they low in sugar, they also offer healthy probiotics for your gut.


#5 USE YOUR TIME WISELY most people fear the weekend – afraid of diet sabotage – this weekend use your Monday to meal plan – meal planning can be spring cleaning your kitchen fridge and pantry, making meals or simple meal prepping – chopping and cutting. Don’t let this weekend go by without getting your weekdays ready.