For some, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, for others there is a sense of fear…”I don’t like the way my clothes are fitting me….I can’t afford to gain anymore weight…I always get sick around the holidays”.  Recently I read a blog that outlined GRAPHS TO EXPLAIN WHY PEOPLE GET FAT, one of the 12 reasons for obesity is linked to the holiday season, it explains that most will gain weight and then not fully lose it leading to a steady gain over time.

Many health experts offer a survival guide, an assumption that you are hanging on by a thread, and in the dark tunnel of dispair survival is the only option.  This holiday season, instead of survival which means inducing fear and event avoidance, I encourage you to come up with a holiday game plan.

Developing the right game plan for you requires three steps, use this guideline to help you develop your Holiday Health Game Plan:

  1. DEFENCE – this is your ability to defend yourself from key attackers.  The attackers during the holiday season are high caloric tempting foods.  Be in the know, know the amount of calories in foods you wish to eat and set a limit.  Understand that calories are in everything: appetizers, all drinks (especially alcohol), entrees and desserts. (ask an MCC nutritionist for a full list of holiday food calories).
  2. OFFENCE – this is your days during the week that are “normal”, no events, just a standard day, these are the days you need to go on the offence: take your calories down, eat green and ramp up your exercise.  I suggest having a check list for offensive days, track everything from water intake to supplement taking.
  3. GAME SMARTS – no game plan can exist without some overall game sense, determine your December objective, what is your goal this month: to gain, to lose, to get healthy?  Your goal will determine the process.  In order to make sure that you are on your game, make sure your lifestyle habits are in check: sleep and stress management!

Share your game plan with our team!