The Christmas season is here and the next two weeks will offer more calories, sugar, and alcohol than any other time of the year.  It is important to navigate this season with strategies to avoid the typical 6-pound weight gain.  Instead of offering dos and don’ts, I like my patients to have a list of 3 things they will commit to for the next two weeks …


Exercise every day…

There is no better time than right now to commit to consistently exercising.  I understand that this is the hardest time to add in exercise since all your extra time is towards holiday visits, shopping for gifts, and working extra hours.  But the red carpet never unrolls for extra time in an adult’s life.  So start now – your body needs it more than ever … exercise will build your immunity, provide happy endorphins and burn the extra calories you may consume.  Commit now and not to a few times a week, get moving every day.

Avoid one poison 100%

There are many diet poisons – sugar, chocolate, alcohol, bread baskets … I never suggest getting rid of everything, but it is extremely rewarding to focus on one poison and have 100% avoidance.  For the next two weeks – pick your poison and commit to abstain from its consumption.  Be ready – have an alternative ready!

Create your new year health goal now!

Don’t wait until Jan 1st to outline your 2023 health goal.  Having your health goal ready as you embark on these next two weeks will help navigate healthier choices.  Outline where your health currently is and where you want it to go and why!  The why factor is what drives you to say no to dessert, and yes to exercise.  Goals keep healthy choices on track

Wishing all members and readers a healthy and happy holiday season!