Every spring I ask myself – should I plant a garden?  There is so much effort that goes into one: time, space in my back yard and the constant battles with the local animals to defend the food. But with all that agony comes a reward that is greater than anything, the enjoyment of tasting and savouring each bite of a homegrown vegetable.  If you have ever pondered the idea, I urge you to try planting a garden:

  1. you will save money: all homegrown veggies are far cheaper than a store bought.  This can really help out if you are investing more dollars in your cooking products (almond flour, coconut butter, wholesome crackers).
  2. nutrients galore: picking food ripe and eating it the same day will ensure the maximum nutrient potential of the food.
  3. the taste is out of this world (so is the smell), there is nothing like the taste and smell of fresh basil on a tomato salad.  You will love it so much that you and your whole family will eat more vegetables.
  4. convenience.  Yes the little effort to start the garden will take time, but that is made back many times over when you just have to walk into your backyard to get lettuce for a salad.IMG_1500