If you have tried kale chips, you know that they are definitely a snack worthy food, it’s just a BONUS that they are loaded with lots of good for you ingredients! They are addictive and really quite a healthy alternative to their potato chip counterparts.

But WATCH OUT! With the rise of so many different brands with high price tags and competition to make the best chip out there – just because it says KALE doesn’t make it the best option.  Take a look at the 3 brands below and how we compared them:

Ultimate Kale Chips

Solar Raw

Image by: Solar Raw Food

Why we love them
Organically grown kale here in Ontario! They have 2 great flavours – Better then Chedder and Hemp cream and chives.  We love that they have hemp added as an added superfood making them that much more healthy.

What to Watch
We haven’t found anything yet 🙂



Rhythm Kale Chips

Why we like them
Great brand (from California)! Many different flavours to satisfy your taste buds – everything from something sweet and spicy to tangy.

What to Watch
Be careful as 1 serving (28g – which usually equals out to ½ the bag) can run you up at much as 10g of fat and 9g of sugar depending on the flavour you choose! Our #1 pick -Texas BBQ



Brad’s Raw Kale Chips

Why we like them
Although usually the most pricey of the 3, there are 5 different flavours to choose from (Nacho, Naked, Pina-Kale-ada, Nasty Hot & Vampire Killer).

What to Watch
Again, be careful of sugar content of the different flavours – our #1 pick – Nacho.



You have one more option… Kale Chips are easy to make at home which will not only reduce the sugar/fat content but gives you creative freedom to make any flavor combo your heart desires.