With the fall sports season ready to start, most athletes are making a conscious effort to eat for better performance: caloric input is on the rise and recovery drinks are ready for consumption post work out.  One aspect that needs a proactive measure is preparing the athletic body for the big 2 “i’s” – inflammation and immunity.  Here are your top 2 tips to be immune and inflammation ready.

Immune ready

  1. Up your Boosters: make immune booster foods part of your diet in as many food choices, and possible supplements if needed.  Top immune boosting nutrients: probiotics (yogurt), enzyme rich foods (papaya and pineapple), sea veggies (kelp and kombu), plant sterols (coloured veggies as well as supplements like moducare).
  2. Down your Busters: reduce your consumption of foods that will bust your immunity: refined sugar, trans fats and processed meats.

Inflammation control

  1. Anti-inflammatory super stars: these foods will actually reduce inflammation: seaweed veggies, turmeric, fresh cold water fish, green tea, ginger, papaya, and blueberries.
  2. Pro-inflammatory villains: foods that will promote inflammation pathways in the body: sugar, cooking oils, night shade veggies (eggplant, tomato and potato), red meat and dairy products.

Try our recipe Honey Ginger Lemonade, a great hydration beverage that provides anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing benefits!