Make your morning multi vitamin count!  Phytomulti is a new age multi that includes high concentrations of plantnutrients.  Proven to protect your cell from oxidative stress and recharge your cellular health. Metagenics-PhytoMulti-755571929037

Why do we like it?

The Metagenics Phytomulti is a highly- concentrated blend of phytonutritents that will help you achieve your healthy body.  The phytomulti is uniquely designed to protect the cell by sending signals throughout the body that encourage good health.  The high antioxidant dosage in the multivitamin supports the protection of free radical damage to the cells and prevention of oxidative stress. This all helps with to defy aging!!

What is its breakdown?

The Metagenics Phytomulti is a mutli vitamin that not only has your daily dose of vitamins and minerals but it also contains the a high dose of phytonutritents. Phytonutrients, which can be found in vegetables such as kale, fruit, herbs and spices.

The phytomulti has the same antioxidant quantities as 10 bunches of kale!!!